MailRats — The Beginning

3 min readOct 12, 2022

What’s MailRats? Who’s MailRats?

In this article, we will be sharing the Pain Points that MailRats is trying to solve and the solution for it.

The Inbox/DM Issue

MailRats is built specifically for people (Influencers | Celebrities | KOLs | Project owners) who have inbox issues — where they are always getting a lot of DMs.

Most of the time these DMs get ignored or forgotten because they see no value in the conversation. (There is no incentive for them to reply)

And here’s an example: If today, someone offers you a million-dollar business deal over a Twitter DM, would you reply to it? DEFINITELY.

I’m pretty sure you would smash the refresh button every second and stare at the screen just to wait for their reply.

And you probably won’t “forget” or “ignore” the DM.

Versus one that says: “Hey Jamie! Just saw your new post it looks lit! We got a new project that you like. Check it out here”

Which is more incentivizing, the answer is obvious.

Here’s my Inbox — an example

Twitter inbox/ DMs
Users sliding into your Twitter DM be like…

If you are a frequent user of Social Media, I’m sure your inbox looks like mine. Whether you’re on Twitter, Instagram or TikTok, chances are that you are getting endless DMs from both Bots or Genuine Users.

Don’t get me wrong — Sliding into DMs and getting DMs is totally fine.

It’s only human that we slide into others’ DMs for work or personal matters. It is what it is.

But are there better ways to receive DMs?


We are getting tons of DMs because DMs are FREE and easy to be sent (just type any message and click the send button).

So are there ways to curate and ensure quality DMs? There sure is!

MailRats to the Rescue

Chat2Earn movement: Something new, pretty cool

Here’s where MailRats comes in handy.

Point 1: MailRats helps to gate your inbox.
Point 2: Using MailRats you can set a fee for your Inbox. ($100 USD for a reply? No problem, MailRats is built for that)
Point 3: Users pay to slide into your DM.
Point 4: Share your MailRats profile Link in your Socials.
Point 5: Let the DMs (games) begin.

With a gated inbox — you will only get quality DMs.
No more Spam
No more Bots
And No more pointless conversations
Most importantly, you only get serious convo or inquiry

Time is money. So don’t you think you should be rewarded for spending time to reply to your DMs?

Absolutely! That’s what MailRats does.
Rewarding you for replying to your DMs.

Share Your Profile Link Everywhere

Share your profile easily with our “Share” button

Sharing your MailRats profile is made easy with our quick share button — Use our in-build “share” button to share your profile link (a.k.a Inbox) with other Users or Fans. With our button, you can easily include your MailRats link in your BIO, Socials or Linktree for Users or Fans to Slide into your DMs! (As easy as ABC)

So what are you waiting for?

If MailRats is free to use, helps you to filter your inbox and lets you earn money why are you not starting?

Start gating your DMs. Start sharing your MailRats profile.

Start your MailRats account here!




MailRats is pioneering the chat to earn movement. User pays to get your replies.